Customers Prefer Distillers

We know our best asset is you, our customer. Our business is driven largely by the word-of-mouth advertising from our enthusiastic customers that have enjoyed our products for their health benefits and ease of use. When a products works well and delivers consistent value, it will "sell itself."

What Are People Saying About Home Products?

In September 2003 I purchased a LifeMist Water Distiller due to the poor city water quality. I was searching for something that would give me better quality. I found that quality in the LifeMist Water Distiller. I would highly recommend the LifeMist Water Distiller without any reservation. -- E. Coppage

I now have the peace and assurance that the water in our house that we cook with and drink is 100% pure from all forms of contaminants. -- E. McCauley

After having our water tested and seeing how impure it was, I found it difficult to drink water. I use the pure water for all food preparation. It is very convenient and gives me peace of mind. Another important feature is that when the city has boiled water advisory, we don't have to boil our water; it has laready been done for us. I would recommend a LifeMist Water Distiller to anyone that is concerned about his or her health. -- J. Judy

The quality and safety of our water has always been an item of our concern. Realizing now, that the water we use and consume is pure, certainly puts our minds at ease. We feel this was perhaps the best purchase we have made in promoting our health. We certainly do recommend the LifeMist Water Distiller to one and all. -- C. Ritchie

We have had a LifeMist Distiller for several months now. We love it! The water tastes great and has ruined all other water for us. If we go on a trip, I take my own water. I even take a bottle of water to restaurants when we go out to eat. I would recommend LifeMist to everyone. -- W. Cordray

My husband and I were in search of a water filtration system when a friend of ours told us about LifeMist. We have received a couple of letters from our water company, telling us that our water was not exactly healthy to drink. We were very concerned at the time. We decided to purchase a water distiller instead of a water filtration system. We have been very satisfied with the wonderful service and the salespeople from LifeMist. We have had our water distiller for a year now and will never be without one. -- M. Pollitt

We bought our water distiller a year ago. We've had clean and fresh water for our cleaning, drinking, cooking and especially great for making tea and coffee. My husband and myself were taking medicines for our stomach. After using clean fresh water from our distiller, we are no longer on that expensive medication. We both feel great. I would highly recommend for anyone to invest in getting a LifeMist Water Distiller. You won't ever regret it! -- Tommy & Phillis

We purchased our distiller this year. Primarily for the reason that we have a pharmacy and have to use distilled water in mixing medication. We have, also, had one put in our home and do use it for everything. I would recommend a LifeMist Water Distiller. -- L. Wiley

We love our water distiller! After seeing the demo, there was no way I was not going to have one! I take my own water everywhere with me and I don't drink other water (to work, on vacation, etc). Thank you, we love this product. -- C. Mitchell

We would like to share with you how pleased we are to have distilled, clean, pure water available daily. We not only enjoy the totally different taste, but know we are putting into our bodies one of the best sources to help keep us healthy and allow the natural body system to fight against and many times prevent the dreaded illnesses that threaten each of us constantly. -- L. Moody

I purchased my distiller in January 2003. My son was working for your company at the time and through him I learned about your product. Most likely, had it not been for my son, I would not have known of LifeMist. Although buying the distiller was a major expense for me, I have been 100% satisfied with my purchase and the service that the company provides. I love knowing that my water is free from all impurities. -- S. Lainhart

We love our LifeMist Water Distiller. We use it for drinking, preparing food, and cooking vegetables and fruits. The idea that we are doing something for our health makes us very happy. The money spent was truly an investment in us. We have recommended LifeMist to several of our friends and relatives and some have purchased. -- J. Strange

I purchased my distiller about a year ago and decided to purchase after the presentation that your representative gave to my wife and I. I am an engineer and I had several questions which were answered to my satisfaction. I like the taste of the water and felt that it would help us to drink more water and not be worried about ingesting impurities. I know I am more inclined to reach for a glass of water than before I was purchasing your product. I woulld recommend you product to anyone who wants to drink more pure water instead of soft drinks or other liquids that contain additives or impurities. -- K.McClanahan

I'm writing this letter to tell you how happy I am with your distiller. The water quality is excellent and we would never part with this product. I have had my distiller for several years and have recommended it to everyone. -- T. Zehnder

We purchased our LifeMist Distiller in April 2002. We had an expensive water filtering system that cost us up to $400 per year for filters and upkeep. We thought we had been doing something good for our family when in fact, we were just throwing our money away. After using the distilled water for drinking, cooking, ice cubes, etc, it is very noticeable when going to a friend's house or restaurant - we can tell the difference immediately. We have never regretted in investing in the LifeMist Distiller and look forward to many years of good pure water. -- K. Hemsath

We are pleased and feel quite blessed to own a water distillation unit for our home. It not only has improved the quality of our water but it has also improved the quality of our lives. A few visible places we have noticed is in our clothes iron and tea kettle. Deposits use to form in both of these items. It is scary to think that were ingesting these deposits on a daily basis. Since we installed the distillation system, this is no longer an issue. We consider this unit a true investment, not in our home but in our health. We encourage everyone to take the same step by purchasing one. We've never regretted it. -- The Lakes

We have always been concerned about the quality of drinking water and have had other water filters in the past. As a matter of fact, we had a countertop filter at the time. What sold us were the results of the different water testing that your representative showed us. We were amazed. We have never believed in buying bottled water and the tests reinforced that. We use the pure water for drinking, all of our cooking, and for our pets. We feel much better knowing that we are drinking the purest water available. We would definitely recommend a LifeMist Water Distiller to anyone who is concerned about the quality of their drinking water. -- B. Wason

I purchased my water distiller on May 28th, 2004. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and drink at least 6 8 oz glasses of water each day. I found in order to lose weight, I must drink water. I also use the water for cooking and appreciate the convenience of having the water at my sink and not in a bottle/jug. The water is always wonderful and has a good taste. I am very pleased with my LifeMist Water Distiller and appreciate the service I have received. I would highly recommend the distiller. -- J. Taylor

We purchased our LifeMist Water Distiller in May of 2004. The local city water tasted dreadful and was full of chlorine. Since having our distiller, we use it for all of our cooking and drinking needs. All of our meals and even coffee tastes so much better now. It really has made a tremendous difference. Recently my father has been in extremely poor health, one part a delicate stomach. With the distiller, water has been easier for him to tolerate and has helped a great deal with his medications and in use for his feeding tube. We love our distiller so much, we told close family friends about it and they purchased one. -- A. Faulconer